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Best Price Guarantee

As the top dealer for many of the brands that we represent, we are confident that we can beat most of the prices you see on the internet anywhere.  We will beat prices from authorized and even unauthorized dealers as long as the prices are not unreasonable or suspiciously low.  

Be Cautious: Please be cautious when shopping from unauthorized sellers.  By buying through unauthorized sellers, you are indirectly hurting the dive industry and supporting unethical businesses.  Not only will manufacturers not warranty your products, but you might also even end up with products that are stolen or acquired through mail fraud.  

Place Your Order First

We will attempt to match and even beat any in-store, over-the-phone, and internet prices.  The easiest way to do so is simply to place your order first and provide us with the price to match or beat.  We will process the order if we can beat the price. If not, we will let you know that the order has to be canceled.

There are some rare scenarios where we will not be able to match prices:

1. In the rare and unfortunate event that another dive retailer has to close their shop, we don't want to interfere with their liquidation process.
2. Prices that are unreasonably and suspiciously low.
3. Suspicious listings and websites that can be fraudulent orders.
4. Some items are being liquidated by the manufacturer which we don't have stock or have limited stock of.

Ultimately we have the right to cancel the order if we cannot beat it for any reason but we'll do our best to take care of you as a valued customer.

Price Match Form