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Nocturnal Lights

Nocturnal Lights

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Nocturnal Lights Inc is a manufacturer of underwater lighting systems catering to various types of divers, underwater photographers, and underwater videographers all over the world. Our philosophy is to provide our users the best in class underwater lighting technology and design, and our focus on reliability and value has made us the preferred underwater lighting manufacturers for consumers and professionals alike.

All Nocturnal Lights products are built with aircraft grade aluminum to withstand the toughest diving conditions, dive after dive. The LED dive light lineup uses high intensity LED technology to maximize mobility, durability and efficiency. Every aspect of each product is a result of continuous feedback and recommendations from tech divers, commercial divers, commercial divers, scuba retailers, professional underwater photographers, and professional underwater film makers. Everything from the lighting itself to maintenance, travel, and reliability issues have been taken into consideration during product design and you will know the difference dive with a Nocturnal Light. Not to mention, we have brightness and burn time covered too.

Our online catalog shows a list of the products categorized as dive lights, focus lights, and video lights. These three categories of lighting covers an extension of categories such as lighting for search and rescue, ROV lighting, helmet lights, and underwater tripod lights. At any time you have any questions regarding our products you can contact us or any of our authorized dealers and we'll all be happy to assist you.

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