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Warranty Policy

Authorized Dealer with Full Warranty is an authorized dealer for all of the products that we sell*.  We do not source our products through gray markets so all of the products you see will come with the original manufacturer's warranties.  Each manufacturer has their own warranty policy and warranties may differ by the different types of products, please keep your receipt and register your products.

*In rare occasions we stop working with certain vendors so we are no longer listed as an authorized vendor on their website.  Again, we do not sell any gray market products and the manufacturer should still offer their standard warranty because all of our products are sourced directly from the respective manufacturer.  Feel free to inquire if you have any questions regarding manufacturer's warranty. 

Demo, Open Box, Like New Items

Some items on our website are listed as "Used, Like New".  These items are often store demos, customer returns without tags,  packaging, or products in our warehouse where the original packaging got damaged.  These items have been examined to be new or like new and will be covered by the original manufacturer warranty unless otherwise specified.

Used Products

All used products will come with a 90 day warranty.  If the product does not function properly please reach out to us right away.

Warranty and Repair Forms