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Top 5 Dive Computers for Ultimate Freediving and Spearfishing Adventures

seac free dive computer

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Mares Smart Apnea Dive Computer


mares dive computer smart apnea for freediving


The Smart Apnea computer is the next-level evolution of the Nemo Apneist, and it has quickly become the go-to device for spearfishermen and demanding freedivers. With its user-friendly design, it offers a wide array of features catered specifically to the needs of freedivers. Operating in both watch and dive modes, this versatile device allows you to adjust settings, review logbooks, and even transfer data to your PC or Mac. Its impressive storage capacity can register profiles for about 20-30 hours of immersion, depending on your dive sessions. Plus, with the optional USB clip, you can easily transfer information to your computer using Dive Organizer or Divers' Diary software. Dive into the depths with confidence, knowing that the Smart Apnea computer has got you covered!

Seac Driver Free Diving and Spearfishing Dive Computer

Seac Driver Free Diving and Spearfishing Dive Computer


Seac Driver is the ideal diving mate for freedivers and spearfishers. With user-friendly features, it continuously monitors and records real-time dive values, providing essential performance and safety information. Its one-screen display showcases key data at a glance, including dive speed, temperature, time, and depth. The MSST function calculates recommended recovery times, while optional alerts keep you hydrated. With extensive internal memory for up to 500 dives, easily connect Seac Driver to your PC or Mac for in-depth analysis. Water-resistant up to 100m, it's available in black and military green, designed for comfort over wetsuits or skin. Dive into the depths with Seac Driver by your side!

Seac Partner Free Dive Computer

seac partner free diving computer


Lightweight, simple, and user-friendly, Seac Partner is the perfect choice for your first freediving computer. With key information displayed on one screen, including dive speed, temperature, time, and depth, you'll have all you need at a glance. Its backlit display ensures clarity, and setting values is a breeze. Record up to 99 dives, and with a one-year battery life, this water-resistant dive computer is ready for any adventure. Available in black and red, wear Seac Partner comfortably over wetsuit cuffs or directly on the skin. Dive into freediving with confidence with Seac Partner by your side!

Scubapro Aladin A1 Wrist Dive Computer

scubapro a1 dive computer


Designed for new and casual divers, the A1 is a wristwatch-style dive computer that excels on the surface and underwater. With time-keeping functions, three Dive modes, and a Sport mode, it's perfect for free diving enthusiasts too. Easy-to-use with intuitive controls, the A1 strikes the right balance between land and sea functions, becoming an essential part of your diving and everyday life.

Seac Action HR Dive Computer

seac action hr apnea dive computer


The finest wrist-mount diving computers designed for Scuba and Freediving! With user-friendly scuba, gauge, and freediving modes, these computers boast improved resistance and an LCD screen featuring adjustable-intensity backlighting. Powered by a long-lasting CR2450 battery, they offer freedivers the FREEDIVING MODE with dive/surface time and current/maximum depth tracking. Record up to 18 hours of activity with logs every 2". Dive into unparalleled underwater experiences with our top-notch diving computers!