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Dive Fearlessly: Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Ocean Guardian Shark Deterrent Technology

ocean guardian scuba7 shark repellent

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Ocean Guardian SCUBA7

ocean guardian scuba7 shark repellent for scuba diving

The world's most scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology, specially designed to keep Great Whites at bay. The Shark Shield Technology is a powerful defense system that creates a protective electrical field with dimensions of approximately 6 meters (20 feet) by 4 meters (13 feet), effectively steering sharks away. Remarkably, it solely targets sharks and rays, leaving fish, crocodiles, dolphins, whales, and freshwater creatures unaffected. Importantly, this technology does not attract sharks, making it an ideal solution for safety-conscious individuals. Its reliability is underlined by its endorsement by the US and Australian Navies, as well as being mandated safety equipment for numerous professional diving organizations. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery boasts up to six hours of continuous operation, with over 1000 charge cycles available. The user-friendly LED operational status, complete with a battery life indicator, ensures easy monitoring. To top it all off, the package includes a charger with international power adapters, catering to various regions, including Australia, USA, Europe, and Asia. With Shark Shield Technology, both divers and marine enthusiasts can explore the depths with an added layer of confidence and security.

Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7

ocean guardian freedom7 shark repellent for scuba diving

Scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, effective even against Great Whites. Its powerful protective field, approximately 6m x 4m in diameter, deters sharks without affecting other marine life. Plus, it's part of the $200 Western Australian Government Shark Deterrent Rebate Program. Trusted by the Australian & US Navies and mandated safety gear in various industries, it offers up to six hours of continuous operation with a rechargeable lithium battery and LED status indicators. The package includes international power adapters for worldwide use. Dive confidently with Shark Shield Technology.

Ocean Guardian eSpear

Ocean Guardian eSpear Shark Repellent for Scuba Diving

The most powerful electrical shark deterrent technology, capable of safeguarding you in the depths of the ocean. Boasting a protective electrical field measuring approximately 2.5m long by 1m in diameter, this cutting-edge device is a must-have for scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts. Conveniently attach it to your dive belt, swimsuit, or trunks using a carabiner (not supplied) or opt for the optional Holster for versatile positioning on your thigh, calf, or dive belt. Its intuitive design turns on automatically when deployed, and to turn it off, simply hold it out of the water and push the baton back in (retract) – recommended with a dive glove for ease. Notably, Shark Shield Technology exclusively repels sharks and rays without affecting other marine life. With an easy-to-read LED operational status and battery life indicator, this device's fully encapsulated electronic design, powered by a robust lithium battery, guarantees worry-free diving. For added convenience, a wireless charging dock and 12V DC car/boat charging accessory are also available. Embrace a safer underwater experience with this remarkable shark deterrent technology!